About misti

Misti is one of a kind.

She is a poet, international speaker, author, Certified Holistic Coach, Intuitive Energy Healer, Certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor, as well as the founder and CEO of Pathfinders Wellness in Nashville, Tennessee. 

A self proclaimed creative at heart, Misti is a ‘passionista’ for living well and loving others. Her fun-loving spirit inspires and her support is an empowering platform to help others stay grounded and balanced as they learn to live fully at home, at work and beyond.

"We enter into this world without realizing we are 100% responsible for the life we create. Various set backs, traumas and unexpected road blocks make us question our ability to create a life we love. I have found that setting short term goals can create a path for long term results. I hold space for my clients to re-discover their responsibility and help them create a life from this powerful perspective. Through both internal and external work, my clients create a life they love and a life that loves them right back."

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Lifestyle/Holistic Re-Style Services

Physical spaces are a reflection of our internal healing. Holistic Re-Styling is trademarked technique Misti created to help build congruency for her clients to match the work inside out. Work one on one with Misti to re-style your home or office for maximum energy, flow and JOY! 

(By Appointment)

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Holistic Health is about cultivating an empowered approach to every aspect of our life, as in the "whole" being. Misti is a Certified Holistic Coach who specializes in helping you design a life you love. Coaching is done in person, online or in groups.

(Single sessions and events)

My Passion Project

This group event was designed out of Misti's own passion for creating a community of support and growth. A super fun yet deep dive introduction to her trademarked methodology and philosophy. The foundation for any whole life includes a closer look into the cultivation of a sustainable and fun-loving spirit. Misti leads you to discover the passion inside to create a blueprint for a life you legit love. (monthly social event)

Recent Testimonial

Lifestyle Coaching/Holistic Re-Styling Service

Working from home has its challenges, and I was starting to feel the lull of not wanting to do the work and show up. I could feel the energy of my house starting to bring me down and didn’t know what to do about it. When I told Misti about it, she instantly came to the rescue. She showed up after I had decluttered many areas that needed it (badly!) and helped me change the entire vibe and feel is this home. It was life changing. In a very small one bedroom downtown apartment, I finally felt at home and at peace. The vibe change, my mood changed and I felt more ready to tackle my work than ever before. I started to feel INSPIRED. I wanted to show up. 

Thank you Misti for helping to reenergize ME through the work you do. 💕

-S. Bauhs, Nashville


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Pathfinders wellness

Spiritual Mentorship

12-week partnership to explore the 12 Laws of Transformation.

Biofield Healing

3-sessions of deep healing and insights through spiritual connection.

Meditation & Silent Prayer

3-sessions as an introduction to meditation and silent prayer.


3-session private introduction to the physical practice (asanas) of yoga.

Holistic Self-Care

3-session introduction to holistic and sacred self-care practices. (Includes meditation practice).

Spiritual Guide Training

50-hour certification to deepen your spiritual threshold for the purpose of leadership.